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A Buddhist nun of Zen tradition, Kankyo Tannier has been running the Daily Zen website since 2013.

She publishes advice dedicated to Zen meditation, notes and reflections on daily life, as well as podcasts and videos.

Kankyo Tannier

Zen Meditation

Discover and practice Zen meditation, on a daily basis... Advice and reflections on zazen.

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Videos and Podcasts

Podcasts, guided meditations, zen and kusen tales... A lot of video and audio content awaits you here.

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Kankyo Tannier

Kankyo is forty-six years old and a Buddhist nun. If this evokes the image of a kind of ascetic in contemplation at the top of a mountain... You missed it!

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“Dancing in the Midst of Chaos”

Kankyo Tannier shares his life between monastic retreats and conferences in megacities, between nature and social networks. Based on her personal experiences, she offers a modern and humorous spiritual path, in tune with current society and its issues: fear of the future, relationship problems, new invasive technologies, climate emergency, etc.

It demonstrates how self-knowledge, mutual aid, decline can contribute to the emergence of a new way of being in the world, in particular by regaining control over one’s mind. In this book, the author offers a “spirituality of everyday life” in tune with modern society.

Kibo Farm

Creation of an innovative place, based on the values ​​of Zen Buddhism: practice of meditation, permaculture, retreat center and animal shelter.

Meditation, resilience and permaculture on a farm in Alsace…

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The Daily Zen Blog

Regularly, posts on the theme of Buddhism, meditation, Soto Zen and daily life in a Buddhist monastery in Alsace.

Daily life, practical information on Zen meditation, mood notes, stories of spiritual journeys (interior and exterior)…

Buddhism and Zen meditation day by day!

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