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Daily Zen

Audio recording of the new book ” Searching for the present time ” – Paris

Last week, I recorded the audio version of my book “A la recherche du temps présent” for Audible. A day and a half of recording in the Parisian studio Safe and Sound ( dans le Marais), with Eric Bréia ( sound engineer and artistic director).
It was an amazing experience: speaking aloud the words that appeared in my head when I was writing the book. Because, no doubt about it, when I write: words are dictated to me. I don’t think about it before. I sit in front of the keyboard and take note. I listen to a voice, which sounds like mine ( but not always), a voice which pronounces sentences, while checking progressively if the sentences swing. The right tempo. A groove…
With a headset on my ears, a high precision microphone in front of my mouth, in this studio, I had the impression to pay homage to this inner voice.
Like the celebration, aloud, of a secret murmur…

The audio book comes out next September 3rd… hurry!

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