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A Buddhist Life

Zen diary August: Put down your cellphone

Month by month, a little journey through the hassles of everyday life – 19…
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Zen Diary – July : going on holiday.

July : going on holiday When activities link up together, isn’t this the moment…
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The zen diary, june : pass an exam and stay zen.

A Zen chronicle written with the journalist François Busson for the Swiss magazine L'Illustré.…
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A short and simple video : THE EYES, at the heart of spiritual practice

Yesterday I took advantage of a moment of sunshine in the monastery gardens to…
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May : cultivate your inner garden – Zen Diary

Many scientific studies show the beneficial effects of nature on an individual. Wandering in…
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The beginning of your spiritual path, how was it ?

I was 19 years old. Life seemed strange, dangerous, like an urban jungle. Without…
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Morning and evening, zen meditation: Zazen.

"At the monastery, every morning, every evening, the community goes to the dojo to…
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The zen diary – April: Secrets of waking up radiant.

The theme of this month is simple but essential: how to make waking up…
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