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A Buddhist Life

Buddhism and collapse – some avenues of relection before the end of the world…

( Thanks to Hilary Mac Rae my zen friend from New-Zealand for the translation…
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Zen Chronicle

I have put together a Zen calendar for 2019 for the Swiss magazine L’Illustré:…
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Now… I need you! 🙂 Call for volunteers

Now... I need you! 🙂 Call for volunteers For a few years now, I…
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The Zen calendar

The Zen calendar piece for February. < Anti Depressant in the heart of winter…
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VIDEO – How to practice inner silence… in the middle of a noisy town !

A video of the Buddhist nun Kankyo Tannier shot in Sao Paulo, Brazil, during…
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Video: A Buddhist song, for the New Year!

Dear friends from around the corner or across the world, It was a pleasure…
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The gift of silence with Kankyo, a Buddhist nun

Kankyo Tannier is a French Buddhist nun whose books are translated into many languages.…
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Video: How to find calm in everyday life – with Kankyo, a Buddhist nun

During this video, recorded in a park in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the nun Kankyo…
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