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Daily Zen

VIDEO – How to practice inner silence… in the middle of a noisy town !

A video of the Buddhist nun Kankyo Tannier shot in Sao Paulo, Brazil, during a lecture tour in South America.
With this simple exercise, she shows us how to access silence and presence in the middle of a city in motion. In Zen Buddhism, the practice of meditation can indeed be done through all the activities of the day such as waiting for the bus to go to work. A form of “meditation in action” that allows us to refocus, to find the present moment and consequently to find peace.
Thanks to Thadeu and the com teams at Sextante Editions for this series of practical videos.


Order the book ” The gift of silence ” ( Kankyo Tannier )

and learn more about zen buddhism and daily practices.


[sz-ytvideo url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dVqSJGfeeI” theme=”dark” cover=”local” responsive=”y” autoplay=”n” loop=”n” fullscreen=”y” disablekeyboard=”n” disableiframe=”n” disablerelated=”n” delayed=”n” schemaorg=”n” /]

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