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Daily Zen

Now… I need you! 🙂 Call for volunteers

Now… I need you! 🙂 Call for volunteers

For a few years now, I have been offering the general public progressive access to Zen spirituality. You can find free meditation MP3s, articles, videos (see below all the available resources), not to mention books. So I set up a blog in 4 languages, social networks, collaborations with the Huffington Post or Psychologie Magazine. And all this: for you!

I receive a lot of messages every day by email or messenger showing me how useful all this is.

Today, I would like to set up a team of volunteers to help disseminate all these resources. Indeed, all this takes time, a lot of time.

All my work is entirely voluntary, with the simple desire that Buddhism and Zen can help people on a daily basis. This is what drives me every morning and gives me the courage to turn on the computer. I live at the edge of a forest and could very easily do without this “mission” to go roam in the meadows and caress the ears of the horses! But a little voice tells me to continue, that it is logical, useful, necessary….

So, if you ever want to help spread Buddhist values and the practice of zazen ( zen meditation): welcome to the team!

Here are the positions sought ( important: for people with experience in these fields!)

  • communication manager for the twitter account
    management of the Youtube Dailyzen chain
    graphic designers for flyers, visuals, logo etc.
    webmaster for the wordpress website www.dailyzen.fr
    sound engineer for guided meditation MP3
    translators in English, German, Spanish
    secretary to help me answer all emails….

Finally, I have the project of creating “online courses” with thematic video capsules. I am therefore looking for film makers and site managers to develop this specific project.

Thank you for your kindness and attention. And see you soon on the path of Zen!



The resources available

  • Itunes channel
    Soundcloud account
    Youtube channel
    Facebook pro account ( managed by a volunteer)
    twitter account
    Instagram account (managed by a volunteer)
    blog in 4 languages
    Articles for the Huffington Post
    videos for Psychology Magazine

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