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Daily Zen

A splendid photo in front of the cathedral (Strasbourg – France )

One afternoon of December. Appointment with the ZUT! Magazine team for a photo shooting in Strasbourg. The shooting must include an important place of Strasbourg, outside. Immediately, it is to the cathedral that I think, immense, sumptuous, majestic, as an invitation to spirituality … in the heart of the city.
Then we pass near the garden of the Récollets cloister. Not bad : nature recalling the cobblestones.
Direction the communication cell of the Palais Rohan for a permission of shooting, improvised. And here, climbing the steps of this very old building, on the right: a terrace with a view of … the cathedral! A view very rarely offered because the famous terrace is closed to the public. But here we get permission, with a smile, and with the feeling of living a unique moment.
The Buddhas hovered in front of the cathedral, time stopped … PAUSE …

JOURNALIST: Caroline Lévy

INSPIRED PHOTOGRAPHER : Henri Vogt Photographer

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