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Zen Meditation Retreat – Summer 2018

Zen Meditation Retreat – Summer 2018 – Let’s meet and practice together!

Every summer I go to the Gendronnière Zen Temple ( Google Map) to participate in meditation retreats. It is the monastery founded 40 years ago by the Japanese master Taisen Deshimaru and it is in this place – rather magical – that I discovered Zen Buddhism almost 20 years ago. But this is not some kind of pilgrimage I wish to tell you about: no nostalgia for a bygone past. No! No! Rather the enthusiasm of being able, each year, to return to a monastery in the heart of nature, nestled in the heart of a huge forest. (see video below)

Photo Benjamin Mispoulet

Imagine: a 19th century residence, a wooden meditation dojo, restored period buildings, a few tents… and above all huge spaces to stroll, contemplate nature or explore the undergrowth. At the bend of the paths, we cross deer, owls, grey herons, wild ducks. Closer to the buildings, it is doves, cats, hens, bats who watch over the practitioners. And the trees… I don’t have the words to describe them to you, to the extent of their splendour. Very, very old trees surround the practice areas, like guardians of the present time. They are oaks, cedars, chestnut trees… They were there long before us… And it is undoubtedly thanks to their powerful presence that we are still there.

Photo Benjamin Mispoulet

Here is the environment of our Zen retreats at the Temple de la Gendronnière.

This summer I will be there during the first two weeks of July. These retreats are led by masters Philippe Reiryu Coupey and Simone Jiko Wolf. During this period, I will have the honour of looking after the “newcomers”, the people coming to the Gendronnière for the first time. We will have Zen meditation workshops, explanations on rituals and many opportunities to exchange, chat and practice together.

You will find dates and practical information on these pages:

Zen Meditation Retreats – July 2018

Practical information


02 54 44 04 86 or lagendronniere@zen-azi.org

Zen Temple of the Gendronnière

41120 Valaire (near Blois)


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